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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  February 10, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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there's just this one zone that's just superior. it's just obvious by looking at it, watching people ride it.
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. this is about preventing a future crime, likely a murder. >> new developments tonight in the search for an exlapd cop turned killer. the big incentive being offered to find him. again, drives big crowds this weekend. it wasn't guns but ammunition that was a top seller. and street racing made legal in oak land. we will show you who made it possible. complete bay area news starts right now. this is ktvu channel news at 5:00. i'm heather holmes.
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we begin with some breaking news. take a look at this video from u tube. it is a tornado that touched down injuring at least 3 people. it happened within the last hour and officials are reporting significant damage from this twister. warnings are in effect tonight. for more on this system we head on to our meteorologist, mark, what's t latest for people in these affected areas. >> as you mentioned we still have tornado warnings posted. we do have a very active radar pattern showing up for this part of the country. you can see the development moving out of into mississippi and now the severe weather approaching georgia as well. i'm looking at these red circles here, these are the tornado reports earlier today. in fact i'll click on this. this was probably that tornado. as you can see here.
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and also this string, i'll click on a few more towards hattiesburg moving into parts of alabama. more tornado reports. as far as the current tornado warnings, all these little red shadings and those tornado warnings in place until 5:30 our time. but there is a chance this could be extended as things change and as these thunderstorms move along. as far as the broader perspective, we still have tornado watch boxes posted until 11:00 central time. and once again, this could be changing. a closer inspection right now with live storm tracker and all those yellows and reds, let's take a look at some video earlier. i did see a tipped over car. we could be talking about damages for ef3.
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around 150 miles per hour. that is a possibility. that's how strong these tornadoes were and still could be a threat over the next few hours. we'll take a look at this in a few minutes. now in the new developments for the man hunt of an exla police officer. just a few hours ago authorities announced a 1 million-dollar award to information leading to the arrest and conviction of this man. >> collectively this group is posting a reward of $1 million for information that will lead to mr. downer's capture. we will not tolerate anyone undermining the security, the tranquility of our neighborhoods and our communities. we will not tolerate this rein of terror that has robbed us of the peace of mind that
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residents of southern california deserve. we will not tolerate this murder remaining at large. >> the reward is the largest ever offered in a southern california criminal investigation. the money was raised from private donations and contributions from south land businesses. today's announcement comes 4 days after the man hunt began. it stretches as far east as nevada. casey continues our coverage. >> the surveillance video from the alley near san diego is time stamped 9:08 monday morning. 12 hours after the daughter of a retired police officer and her fiance were reported killed 90 miles away. it shows christopher downer's trump and a man that appears to be downer throwing items until
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item in the truck. >> he came back with what looked like a magazine full of bullets and a helmet and he brought it to me and said, where did you find it. i said i find it in the back of a dumpster. >> reporting what he found was as simple as walking across the street. >> it was right across the street. >> said police told him the items were connected to a double homicide in irvine. it's chilling that the excop with a vendetta against police was so close to a police station. police would not confirm the video's authenticity but it does match the still photo of his vehicle. the day he is suspected of shooting at 4 officers killing one. still photos captured him paying for gas at a station. separately the los angeles police chief announced he would renounce the investigation into
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downer's firing in 2007. >> he's doing it because he wants to insure that the police department is fair and trance parent. >> several law enforcement agencies announced the -- of a joint task report. >> has the latest on the search including raw footage from today's conference. just look under the la man hunt tab. we are following some more developing news for you now in santa clara county. emergency crews rescued 2 people near clayton road this afternoon. they say the driver apparently lost control about 2:00 this afternoon and that car ended up several hundred feet down a cliff. crews rescued both of the people inside that vehicle. the driver we are told suffered major injuries. injuries were minor for the passenger. police are investigating a fatal shooting in the hays
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valley neighborhood. officers arriving at the scene found a man suffering from a gunshot wound who was later pronounced dead. there is no word on the victim's identity or any suspects in this shooting. in oakland police are searching for clues in a fatal shooting last night in that city's laurel neighborhood. near quickly street. bullet casings littered the street and police said the shooter was still at large. the victim's identity has not been released. president obama is expected to push for stricter laws on guns. fearful of looming gun control measures thousands today packed a gun show. joins us live to tell us some of the trends at this event. ali. >> organizers say attendance was doubled what it was last year with 4000 people coming through the front entrance and
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it was items like this, all types of ammunition. >> would you like to sign up for the nra. >> told us they signed up about 200 new members this weekend as people walked into the code of the west gun show. they attribute to the debate on gun control. >> the obama administration and they are pushing for gun laws and then the california state legislature has a massive amount of gun laws. >> tom coal today said an outright ban on assault weapons isn't likely to pass the senate. >> i don't think they are. >> but some gun owners worry about changes at the state level. last week california democrats unveiled gun control bills. gun owners say that idea is driving up prices. >> 500 rounds, right? >> and how much did this cost you? >> $500. >> is that more expensive than usual. >> way more.
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>> says just last week he bought the same ammo for 65 cents a bullet. >> so they are gouging. >> why do you think that is? >> because they know they can get it. people are afraid they aren't going to be able to buy. >> it's really hard to come by. >> if they could find the ammo they were looking for gun owners stocked up and hauled it out. >> i'm just a target shooter. i like to have plenty on hand just in case there comes a time when you can't get any. >> the cities of los angeles and sacramento already require people to get a permit and pass a background, but some were concerned that could become a state law in the future. meantime people who received vouchers instead of cash at last month's gun buy back can now redeem those
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vouchers this week. the 44,000 ran out in just an hour and a half. the district attorney's office said it issued an additional $70,000 in vouchers that can be redeemed for cash frequent friday inside the showcase theater. police in palo alto say a man was robbed in his apartment complex carport. it happened around 8:45 saturday morning. investigators say the gunman is described as being in his late 20s or early 30s wearing a hoody. police say they are looking int another robbery and they urge people to be aware of their surroundings. in san jose firefighters battled a fire next to a post office overnight. it started just after 2:30 this morning. it took firefighters about 45 minutes to get the flames under control. there were no reports of injury and there's no word of what
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started the fire. now to our continuing coverage to the snowstorm in the northeast. that storm is now being blamed for at least 14 deaths and the digging out has become. this is what it looked like today. many had abandoned their vehicles during the worst of the blizzard friday night and a fleet of plows tried to clear the way. parts of new england experienced dangerous white out conditions and at its peak the snow knocked out power to 600,000 homes and businesses. tonight about a quarter million are lacking electricity and will have to spend the night in the dark. while it was a lot of effort to dig out, the snow has left some opportunities for some fun. reports from boston. >> from shovels to bobcats, efforts at big and small to start clearing away the snow. brent burke is working to free
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his car. >> our biggest probably be after we leave our spaces there's nowhere to go. >> president obama announced a emergency in -- crews are working to relieve the headaches the blizzard caused. travel is slowly coming back to life and power is gradually being restored. rhode island's governor credits the early preparation and the cooperation of residents for keeping the storm's consequences at bay. >> it's been a good team effort and thank all the rode riledders, so many adhered to the warnings. >> while many are spending the day digging out. others are enjoying the snow that fell with some old fashioned activities like sledding. >> people are taking advantage of sunday's clear weather to get outside. a large group in stanford gored
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outside -- gathered outside with their sleds. but others are preparing for the week ahead. >> i said i'm going to leave it for tomorrow. a few more details now on that east coast snowstorm. this video shows you just how fast the snow fell there and how high it piled up. boston received nearly 25 inches of snow, its 5th largest ever recorded. long island received 33 inches, that breaks its record and in maine also broke a record at close to 32 inches. a legal racing event going on right now in oak lands. what organizers are saying about illegal side shows that have made news in recent weeks. . he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress.
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just a few weeks after a
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side show stunt shut down a busy interstate, car racing returned to oakland, only this time it was legal. live to tell us about the events. >> more than 250 people took part in today's auto cross event that's still going on. it is happening just a short distance away from where a group of drivers a few weeks agile legally stopped traffic for a side show on 880. in the parking lot of the oakland coliseum, the sports car club of america's san francisco region held its season opener. >> i love cars. i love driving fast. and there's no safer place to do it. >> there's nothing like it. you're in the car and you're just amped and once that flag goes it is just pedal to the metal as fast as you can. >> the event held very close to
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a now infamous side show. >> it's knots not cool. it's disrespectful, dangerous. >> scca organizers say illegal races give -- a bad name. >> everyone here as a member has read and understands the liability waiver. we are mature people. ever car has been teched. we run an extremely safe structured event. >> anyone can get out there and do donuts but to get out here and learn to race a car and control a car, it's difficult. it takes a while to learn it. >> organizers also pointed out to us not only do they get permits, they also have safety stores on the ground to monitor every event. we're live in oakland, channel 5 news. a 21-year-old man is recovering tonight after being
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injured in a shooting near bell street anman heard about 5 shot fired and then realized he was hit. a friend took him to a hospital where he is expected to recover. anyone with information is asked to call police. slugger barry bonds is heading back to court this week. bonds is asking a federal appeals court to overturn his conviction on a felony charge for obstruction of justice. a 3 member panel on the 9th court of appeals in california is said to hear this case and news cameras are being allowed into this hearing. bonds was found guilty of providing an evasive answer to the grand jury investigating his alleged steroid use. in a just released report by the family of joe paterno accuses penn state of a push to judgment in the jerry sandusky child abuse scandal. this led by -- is highly critical of work done by former
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fbi director luis free. thorn burg called the free report seriously flawed. so far there's been no response from penn state. a member of the army reserve who fought against the defense of marriage act has died. >> my concern is that karen would not be provided the same survivor benefits. >> charlie morgan was also fighting breast cancer when she made this video with her wife. bars her widow from receiving benefits. morgan lived in new hampshire and had a daughter. the state's governor and a senate senator praised morgan. morgan was 48-year-old. president obama has said that immigration policy is a high priority in his 2nd term and today a top republican lawmaker said he would support granting to children who are in the country illegally. the remarks by eric cantor are seen as a sign of the response
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the gop is preparing as it opposes a larger amnesty program for people currently living in the u.s. illegally. >> but the best place to begin i think is with the children. let's go ahead and get that underour belt, put a win on the board and so we can promise a better life for those kids who are here due to no fault of their own. >> candor's support for children is a change for him. he opposed the dream act back in 2010. today is the 3rd day of festivities in carnival. it's estimated 5 million people take part in the 4 day festival. the festival is a huge boost for is the city. organizers say it will generate $600 million for if community.
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in new orleans the mardi gras celebration turned violent, one critically in the french quarter. it happened around 9:30 last nigh. police say there was some sort of argument before that shooting and tonight they are still looking for the gunman. in news to the world in india at least 10 people were crushed to death today at a railway station as hundreds of hind hindu pilgrims made their wear to -- the hindus believe to bathe in the gandys and -- rivers helps rid them of all their worldly sins. the festival, which is held every 12 12 years is expected to attract more than. militants suspected of carrying out 2 road side attacks. the attackers got away taking
5:27 pm
weapons with them. more than 5300 people have died in attacks since anise an islamic -- have long complained of discrimination. and from north korea, these are images from state's television showing people celebrating the new lunar year. celebrates a 3 day public holiday offering flowers to the founders of the country. north korea is starting the year of the snake with new un sanctions following its rocket launch. has vowed to expand its program and conduct a 3rd nuclear test. tonight a new u.s. commander is in charge of the forces in afghanistan. joseph done ford replaces john
5:28 pm
allen. done ford -- >> we're changing command but today is not about change. it's about continuity. let's not change is the will of this coalition. what's not changed is the growing capability of the afghan security forces. >> in addition to overseeing the withdrawal of international troops. must also help afghan to secure its president presidential election. a merger announcement is expected from american airlines and u.s. airways. the boards of both carriers are expected to meet tomorrow to approve the plan. it would need then approval from a judge. the airlines are pushing for a deal by february 15th. the new airline would keep the american airline name and be based out of dallas. >> still to come, a first of
5:29 pm
its kind drill. >> what you're looking at is not a disaster but a drill. and the people that are participating in that drill that makes it one of a kinds. plus the debate over drones continues. why some say the unmanned devices give the president too much power. and nancy pelosi says the cuts will not reduce the federal did he deficit. and the new i-pad app is ready for you to download. you can get drive time traffic. video with breaks news any time, anywhere. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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3 people died today when a helicopter crashed on a southern california ranch used by a film production company. it happened around 4:00 this morning south of palm dale in los angeles accounted county. a spokesman said a reality show was being filmed at the time of the crash but exactly why the aircraft went down is unknown at this time. ambulances, helicopters and hiltary vehicles flooded freemont today as part of a drill. at the first of its kind event >> the screams are as fake as the blood and some of the acting is better than others. >> i don't know. everything went black. >> all this drill falls short of a real disaster, there is no
5:33 pm
doubt it has real value to those involved. >> i think this is a real good experience for us. >> she is a nursing student at unitech university. this could help her be prepared one day but what sets this drill apart. the military is involved. the california state military reserve and national guard has teamed up with the student nurses and emts. along with local law enforcement to practice how to respond to disaster around work together. >> that gives us a better fit and how we operate versus civilians operate. >> a mass casualty is -- but you could find these and local law law enforcement all working together. >> being able to cross talk with everybody from fire to
5:34 pm
police. that's the big thing. >> get on here so we can get you out of here. it's still pretty dangerous out here. >> the first drill is a first. but teaming with first responders in freemont. >> thousands of people are expected to attend a memorial in texas for chris kyle, a former navy seal and author of american sniper. kyle died last week, shot at a gun range by a veteran kyle was trying to help. the man accused of the shooting is in custody facing murder charges. the subject of president obama's plan to -- unmanned drones was a topic on the sunday political talk shows today. robert gates supported their use. >> you can far more easily limit the collateral damage 
5:35 pm
with a drone than you can with a bomb off an airplane. >> senator angus king says the unmonitored -- makes the president the judge, jury and executioner. he and others want some sort of -- meantime republican senator -- until the administration answer more questions about last year's deadly attack on the embassy. >> i don't think we should allow brennan to go forward until the white house gives us an accounting. did the president ever pick up the phone and call anyone until the libyan government to help these folks. >> reporter: the obama administration has accused brown of trying to play politics. this tuesday president
5:36 pm
obama is scheduled to deliver the first state of the union address. there have been a number of reports suggesting the president will offer proposals for spending on infrastructure and education during his speech. today mr. obama's campaign manager talked about the upcoming address. >> the economy will be central to this speech and how we will grow the economy. >> it means former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords is expected to attend the address. giffords suffered severe head trauma after she was shot while meeting with constituents in arizona. the conservative tea party has tapped tapped ran paul to address the president's -- ashley judd has expressed an interest in running for senate.
5:37 pm
florida senator marco rubio will speak on behalf of the republican party. there is still a few weeks left before the cuts hit the federal budget and while neither party likes the idea both are struggling over how congress should avoid the sequester. >> what we need is growth with jobs and if you have spending cuts, the education of our children and other investments like the national institutes of health where you are hindering growth you are not going to reduce the deficit. >> nancy pelosi said she's looking for a balance proposal. republicans, though, refused to consider tax increases and they are also -- the men and women serving in the military deserve better than what we are giving them. they don't know what they are going to be doing tomorrow. we just delayed the deployment
5:38 pm
of an aircraft carrier. the consequences are severe. president obama is calling for congress to cut wasteful spending as well close tax loopholes that benefit the wealthy as a way to -- says will affect small business loans and security agencies. 2 california lawmakers are pushing for a bill that would create a 3 day waiting period before legislation is voted on. say this bill would end the practice of jamming bills through at the last minute. that forces lawmakers to vote on them without even reading them. they want them to be online 72 hours before it comes to a vote. it would require approval by voters. prices at the pump rose sharply in the last week. blamed on rising crude oil prices. according to aaa in san francisco the average price of
5:39 pm
a gallon of regular is now up 11 cents from last week. in oak land it's $3.95 a gallon. up 11 cents. suggests banning grocery bags leads to increased illness and death. a just released report from the law and economics claims that emergency room visits rose nearly 50% after the city banned single use grocery bags. the study estimates that the ban resulted in 5 more deaths a year in the city. this is because researchers say because that reusable bags that have taken the place become breeding grounds for germs because hardly anyone washes them. some accused of setting the authors up. claim an apple i-watch is on the way. the new york times reported that the company is
5:40 pm
experimenting with a wrist watch device that uses curved glass. some rumors have been circulating about an apple watch but this would have a watch shaped to the curve of the wrist. amazon has started a -- the retail giant listed on its website just 6 new positions for tracy and pattedder son but the centers are expected to bring hundreds of jobs to the area. the site in patterson is expected to open this summer and tracy this fall. chris brown is sticking to his story that paparazzi are to blame for a car accident yesterday. brown plans to sue the photographs. brown told police he was being chased when he lost control of his porsche and slammed into a wall. some photographs showed up after the crash. millions of birds fly into san francisco. the event that brought them
5:41 pm
together with nature lovers. and temperatures are warming up across the bay area. mark has all of the latest on the forecast and we'll have the latest on that tornado that touched down in mississippi. @÷
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nature lovers gathered to celebrate the annual arrival of millions of birds in the bay area. the fly away festival marks the movement of birds from the north to south and vise verse a. it is a very important stop for the birds. >> when you count ducks and geese, hawks, song birds, shore birds, there's a million shore birds that come through and
5:44 pm
over winter in san francisco bay. >> festival goers got to see some rare breeds up close and the birds seemed to handle the attention. the 3 day event included nature walks for families and adults. >> a lot of people there. let's check in now with mark, a beautiful day for bird and people. >> yeah, just lots of sunshine out there. you may notice that warm up and that trend will continue over the next few days. a quick update on the storm. this is the loop over the past 3 hours. the brighter colors reflecting thunderstorms. as far as the current warnings in place these have changed a little bit over the past few minutes but tornado warnings posted until 8:00 central time. the red shaded areas do
5:45 pm
correspond to a tornado warning still in effect. here not much going on in terms of severe weather. you can see clear skies. temperatures after a pretty mild afternoon beginning to come down a little bit. you can see currently in the 50s out near santa rose a. san jose reporting 56 degrees. forecast headlines for tonight we'll stick with the -- tomorrow more sunshine and the extended forecast a try weather pattern and temperatures in fact will be warming up. first thing tomorrow morning with the atmosphere setting up we could have some patchy fog. not widespread but could affect your visibility. overnight lows once again dropping into the -- definitely want to bundle up. near freezing out near concord,
5:46 pm
32 degrees, san francisco 41. high pressure still in full command of our weather and as a result a warming trend over the next few days and a bit of a northerly breeze developing. as far as temperatures for tomorrow, lots of 60s in the  forecast. later in the week we could be tracking a few upper 60s by thursday and friday. as far as the winds, overnight tonight into monday morning we could have some stronger gusts out near delta up above 1500 feet. here's our forecast mod will. lots of clear skies for monday. maybe a patch or two of fog tuesday morning. temperatures for tomorrow, not a big change from today but still pretty mild out there. san francisco at 60. sansan jose -- here is a look
5:47 pm
ahead your 5 day forecast and over the next few days i have tried hard to put a rain cloud into this forecast, but no luck. a warming pattern. upper 60s approaching the 70- degree mark. all we can do is maybe bring a few clouds in for saturday and sunday. but very dry over the next 5 to 10 days. hopefully that will change but nothing yet. coming up the sanford continue their dominance. >> and the peninsula weather almost steals the show. a new winner is crowned. sports wrap is next.
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good evening, everyone, and welcome to this early edition of sports in this first post football weekend of the year. the fact that we had at&t pro am. ran away from the rest of the field today. not everything on the monterrey peninsula worked up today's final round. the tide higher than it was yesterday. jim harbaugh made the cut with his pro partner jason day. this was -- harbaugh took his birdie, a net eagle on the day. finished 13th 5 strokes back. it was a -- for phil mickelson. just made the cut. he did have this spectacular approach on the par 5 14.
5:51 pm
mickelson finished 14 strokes back. one of the best of the day was by -- kid. jimmy dynamite walker tied for 3 3rd place. birdie at 13 for walker. when the round began bran instead gear were tied for -- that's a 4 iron from 228 yards. gets this close to the hole. he made the eagle put and hawn would be chasing the rest of the way. no embarrassment for hawn. he stays close with a birdie on number 4. snedger kept the heat on and then this one at 11. chris kirk stayed in the hunt with a 66. birdies 13 to get within 2. but
5:52 pm
this was snedger's day. he birdied again. the trophy was waiting as snedger came to 18. for two weeks in a row he had been the runner up to tiger woods and mickelson. allowed him to break the tournament record. he now has a win, 2 seconds and a third. >> tournaments like this gives me a ton of confidence going into the masters. that's next on my list. i have won 5 times out here now. it's important now to win majors and to finish the west coast. to win at pebble beach on a beautiful day like this, you just can't make this stuff up. >> here's a final look at the leader board. kirk 2 strokes back followed by hawn, walker and jason day who
5:53 pm
all tied for third. in the middle of the pack 12 pack, have a tough afternoon. mike montgomery's team, coming in solomon hills sets the early pace for the wildcats. arizona had an early 9 point lead. battle back, brandon ashley's bad pass turns into a -- share the ball with crab finishing. trailed by 5 at the half. but the bears opened the 2nd half with a run. he turned this into a 4 point play. right now less than 5 minutes to play. the folks in columbus hoping to pin a second place. hoosiers have a guy who can leap leap. oldeepo had a career block. here he comes flying in for 2
5:54 pm
more. he had 26 points in all. and why not one more showing he can shoot 2 as he hits from beyond the arc. bounces back. the harbaugh family is everywhere. this is brother-in-law getting congratulations from his wife. that's gem and john's sister. after that loan loss the stanford women have now reeled off 8 straight wins. the cardinal have lost -- lots of pink for breast cancer awareness with the visiting sun devils sporting pink. goes up for an easy lay up. stanford got up to a big start and never looked back. bonnie samuel son with a 3. lead to the locker room. more of the same in the 2nd half. taylor green field misses.
5:55 pm
stanford wins 69-45. the 4th ranked cardinal 22 overall, 11 and 1 in the pack 12. 6th rank cal also a winner today. the bears are 11-1 in the conference. still to come in this sports, a high profile match in the nba. it was a lakers in miami, and you could say the biggest -- in the east showed up. we'll be right back.
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5:57 pm
after an 0 for 4 the warriors are back to host the houston rockets, the final game before the all-star break. hosting the lakers. you have to say lebron got up for this one. puts down a scary jam. the 2 plays played. dwayne wade to north cole who
5:58 pm
sets up for another spectacular shot. on this day the guy who leapt tall buildings in a single was lebron. a show put on by the clippers. clay griffin can get into the air, too. 2 of his 17 points. clippers take the ball away. jamal crofford will go to the hoop. griffin in the right place for the follow. chris paul in his 2nd day back from injury. he goes to the hoop. the clippers now 5 games in front of the warriors after winning 102-88. that will do it for this early sunday night sports wrap. see you again tonight at 10:00. there is developing news to tell you how far santa clara county of a shooting. a shooting on rhonda drive in
5:59 pm
the west san jose area. that's unincorporated san jose. this happened around 4:00. police found a man who had been fatally shot at that location about a same time another man showed up at a hospital with a wound. there are no other details on what happened or whether anyone else was involved. >> we will of course have much more on that fatal shooting coming up on the 10:00 news. plus, reaching out to stop the violence in oak lands. >> we are at the first community meeting with the head of the consultant firm hired to help turn the oakland police department around. threw around. thank you for joining us. we hope to see you back here tonight at 10:00.


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